Sample Essay

It is one of the difficult tasks to protect your business and personal life separate while also indulging in the healthy business activities. It is very much crucial to balance both the sides equal. However, those businesspersons who usually out of their home more than twenty days in a month for the business purposes cannot maintain both the business and family equally. To ensure that your family is separated from business you have to maintain a balance so no life can compel with each other. Italian businesspersons are very effective and efficient in this regard they never try to mix both of the roles at the same time. In home they are good father, brother, son etc but at the same they are very good entrepreneurs which is the best example to maintain the sustainability among both of them (Smith, 2010)

As far as the nepotism is concerned it is the state in which you favor the persons according to your choice instead of merit. When it comes to nepotism it usually don’t occur in the business. However, there are certain cases in which some of the organization tends to focus on nepotism instead of merit approach but most of the time it doesn’t happen because Italian corporations are very object oriented who believes in the quality of work and the value of the employee and not on nepotism ( Deresky, 2006).

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