Sample Essay

The main responsibility of the stakeholders that have been identified for the Clean Power Company pertains to ensuring the well beings of the company, the profitability of the company for growth and continues business as well as achievement of the company’s long term and short term goals and objectives so that it is able to stay in the market to satisfy the demands and the needs of the customers while contributing to the sustainability of the environment, making way for development of the region for local communities as well as providing profits and returns for the shareholders and the management.

Pertaining to the ethical issue highlighted for the case, the decision that can be made by the Clean Power Company pertains to going ahead with the proposal of Teltec to provide the developmental infrastructure in the local region of Dominican Republic while in order to control costs of setting up and conducting business operations the company could seek the action of dumping the sewer and the waste lines in the Chavon river. The other decision that can be made b the company is to not follow the proposition provided by Teltec and use waste management strategies to treat the were and waste before dumping it in the river to avoid contributing to environmental pollution and health hazards in the future. The effect that these decisions would have on the stakeholders is that by dumping the waste into the river the company would be contributing to environmental pollution, the local community would see a increased pollution level in their region with increasing health concerned, the consumers and customers of the product can refuse to purchase the products sold by the company due to its business practices of non sustainability while the management and the shareholders can see an increased level of legal fines or decreasing sales that can ultimately effect the growth of the business and the company share value.

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