Sample Essay

Any business entity has stakeholders that have their respective interests that lie within the operations of the business and the results that the operations yield. Similarly the Clean Power Company also has many forms of stakeholders that have their particular interest in making the company achieve its short and long terms business  objectives strategically while earning revenue to support the interests if the stakeholders. The main stakeholders of the Clean Power Company include the employees of the company, the customers of the company, the community of the region where it operates, the environment as well as the shareholders of the company.

The different stakeholders have different interests pertaining to the operations of the Clean Power Company. The management and employees of the Clean Power Company have an interest in the company operating profitability while achieve economic as well as physical growth to satisfy their salaries and providing them with an option to grow with the organization as well. The shareholders of the company are interested in the long term operation of the business, its profitability and the reputation of the company as this determines the share and stock value which is the stake of the shareholders in the company. The customers of the company are concerned with receiving the promised products and services as advertised by the company in a high quality format which is contributes to sustainability as aside from providing the primary function. The community is concerned with the wellbeing and the opportunity that the company brings with itself to the region in terms of prospects for new jobs, and the development of the region with progressive infrastructure to aid the development.

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