Sample Essay

The Clean Power Company is an environmentally green company that manufactures products to help the consumers reduce their carbon footprint on the planet and regulate their usage of the earth’s natural resources. The main product that is manufactured and marketed by the company is an energy regulating device that regulates and controls the use of energy like electricity in the homes of the consumers. Aside from the company itself has declared itself to me a self sustaining company that seeks to operate keeping environment sustainability and its corporate social responsibility towards is communities and regions of operations in mind. Pertaining to this the compact has even undertaken plans to aid theDominican Republicregion of operations for development through investment in social programs and regional infrastructure. However the company is faced with the ethical issue of being environment conscious and pro-green operations while having to dump the sewer waste in theChavonRiver. This poses as a major issue for the company.

Legally there exist no laws that the company would be breaking if it decides to continue on the suggestion provided by Teltec and dump its sewer waste in the Chavon River. However the increasing interest in environment protection including protecting Earth’s water resources can lead to a law suit in the future by theDominican Republicor the community living near the river against the company for dumping its waste in theChavonRiver. Moreover consumer action groups can take action against the company for not upholding its social corporate responsibility by polluting its regions of operation in Dominican with the dumping of sewer waste in the Chavon River.

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