Respect for people describes the relationship that governs the Toyota community. Value for each other is a paramount thing that every staff is inclined to observe. They are supposed to enhance collective growth through sharing of individual knowledge, experience and skills that will lead to a combined achievement.

Following his experience as a former employee and an observer of the TPS, Mehri (2005) however criticises this system by revealing two very controversial philosophical terms that define the policies of the Toyota or the ‘Japanese way’. These terms are ‘tetemae (the way you are supposed to feel or do) and honne (how you actually feel or do). These terms are controversial in that what you are suppose to feel or do (the company’s roles) should hide what you actually feel or do (in case you are not happy with something). Under the Japanese system or culture, it is a taboo to criticise someone in public. People are supposed to ‘fake’ their feelings and express positive attitude even in times of dissatisfaction.

The application of such a system and the problems that it can cause which this case are the present difficulties faced by Toyota can only be explained with organisational theories.

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