Sample Essay

It is a fact that the investment is required by the local community in terms of job creation. Thus BASF coming to the community would be very helpful for many people. However, the threats posed by this are also very real and glaring. The environmental damage caused by the incineration plant would be long term and would raise healthcare costs in the future. Furthermore, the dealings of the company have been suspect at best which questions their willingness to take the needs of the community into account.

            The best action in this regard would have been to agree to a negotiated deal with the company and not stick strongly to principle all the way. BASF should have been allowed to establish the paint plant in Vigo County but restricted from importing toxic waste for the incineration plant, thereby stopping the region from being sacrificed relative to others. A community action forum should have been established which should have been nominated by members of the community to deal with the BASF management with regards to the incineration plant and an active list of chemicals should be provided to this forum on a regular basis as well as being monitored. This would provide investment in the region as well as putting a control on the amount of damage BASF could do. If there was any harmful practice pursued by the company, it could still be pursued through litigation by the action forum.

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