Sample Essay

The local community has its other interests in mind. It will have to deal with the establishment of the BASF plants day in and day out if they come. The paint plant would be welcome by them as it would raise jobs for them and possibly increase their salaries by the trickledown effect of new capital investment. However, they may not be as favorable with regards to the incineration plant as it means a threat to the health of the people and their children as well as a lower reputation of the region in the future for other environmentally friendly industries. Therefore, from a utilitarian point of view, they need to assess whether the plant actually provides more utility than disutility for them.

            Another important stakeholder is the group of environmental protestors who file lawsuits against BASF Company. These are some members from the local community who may not just be concerned about the capital investment but the effect on local property prices as an environment threatening industry sets itself up in the region.

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