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The sample taken for the purpose of this study in the report is based on the region ofMassachusetts. The sample is geographical region based. The reason for taking this sample is because the study has been commanded and directed by the secretary of the region, and the regional government. As a result the analysis and results required needed to be specific to the region ofMassachusetts. Therefore in order to conduct this study population and demographic based data as well as the official records for the police and traffic regulation agencies was taken only specifically for Massachusetts.

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The law enforcement organization that is targeted through this research is theMassachusettsbased traffic police regulation authority and the regional police agencies that are responsible for reporting as well as monitoring irregular behavior of motorists and motor vehicle drivers on the roads. The purpose of the report is to highlight any discrepancies that may indicate prejudice against or favoritism for a specific race or gender by the different employees working in the field conducting searches and writing citation on the traffic lights inMassachusetts.

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