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The data collected for the purpose of this report pertains to the official records available through the traffic police and regulation authorities. This information gathers data on the persons stopped on traffic lights by the officers, the arrests made for misdemeanor or non compliance with traffic regulations as well as the names and information pertaining to those individuals who were stopped and searched by the officers.

“Using data on traffic citations and written warnings collected by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, this study examines the existence of racial and gender disparities in approximately 1.6 million traffic citations issued between April 1, 2001 and June 30, 2003. The citations analyzed in this report were received from the Massachusetts State Police, 340 municipal police departments and 25 other special police units.” (‘MassachusettsRacial and Gender Profiling Final Report’, 2004) This is raw data with multiple fields and attributes and as a result can provide sufficient data for analysis. Moreover the official nature of the documents makes the collected data verified as well as less risky in terms of fraud.

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