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The report being reviewed here is one conducted in order to identify gender and race based discrimination in the community. The focus of the report is the police and law enforcement community which is responsible for managing the traffic flows and monitoring security and control for the traffic. The municipal agencies pertaining to traffic police and traffic regulators are focused.

The discrepancy that is being targeted is the number of citations received by white people as compared to non white people and the number of searches non white people have to suffer as compared to the white people when stopped by a member of the municipal agency i.e., a traffic policemen or traffic regulating officers. As a result the report provides an evaluation of the municipal agency pertaining to the extent of racial prejudice and discrimination present in the agency. The report was directed to be drawn up by the new amendment to legislature pertaining to the chapter 228 of the Acts of 2000. The aim of the report was to “identify and provide to the Secretary of Public Safety a listing of state police units or municipalities that appear to have engaged in racial or gender profiling.” (‘MassachusettsRacial and Gender Profiling Final Report’, 2004) The purpose of the study was to determine whether the traffic police department tends to target searches and suspicion based on the race, gender or ethnicity of the drivers in the motor vehicle. The discrimination of race and gender by the traffic regulation employees is targeted through this research in order to make amendments to their method of operation and suspicion detection for reducing racial discrimination in the region.

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