Sample Essay

Economic, political and social dependence are all part of the external environments that effect the communication sector in a globalized context. The economic dependence of the sector is based on the contribution it makes to the economy of the company and the funding it receives from the economic growth generated to further expand and establish itself in the market. The political dependence is associated with the monopolistic and the oligopolistic nature of the companies operating in the industry and how communication can be changed and altered for political agenda and interests as well. The social dependence on the other hand is associated with the dependence of the media on the consumers, and how they change their programming styles and content to satisfy the needs of the society.

Internet is a fast developing digital technology for communications that has gained the attention of the masses. The ease if availability of the technology and the advantages it provides in terms of access to media and communication has made people migrate to the internet instead of using books, newspapers, magazines or even television. Media based companies are seeking to provide their customers with equally good services on the internet through e-newspapers, online magazines, streaming television channels on the internet as well as continuous news feeds. The interactive nature of the internet and the ease of use and access it provides to the audience along with the convenience have made it the new channel of digital products and services for the media.

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