Sample Essay

Peterson has provided significant material on how to manage professional relationships and avoid boundary violation through her book ‘At Personal Risk: Boundary Violations in Professional-Client Relationships’. The book is a comprehensive resource for professionals in the field of human counseling and related fields and presents how the positive client professional relationships can be formed, how the boundary violations occur and what are the consequences of the boundary violations.

The book describes in detail through the use of cases to depict how the different types of boundary violations can affect the stakeholders in the relationship in a negative manner. The negative repercussions, where the power and influence are abused by the professional in the client and professional relationships, are also specifically depicted in the book. The main argument which is presented by Peterson in the text is that the boundary violations are not increasing with time, instead the reporting of such violations is increasing due to advancement in technology and the role played by the media to unearth such issues.

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