Sample Essay

It’s obvious that stress in paramedics can lead to serious injuries to patients, so work should be distributed equally without over pressurizing the junior staff .There should be coordination in the employees along with good ethical behavior. Paramedic’s, also have a duty to manage supplies such as medical aids, good hygienic condition of the equipments present in the ambulance and etc. They should also have sufficient gas in the ambulances beforehand rather than getting it filled during emergency conditions. The company should also corporate with them by allowing flexi timing or a bit of relaxation between their duty hours so that they can care better for the patients. For this purpose a large number of recruitment needs to be done, so the whole team can efficiently work.

Ethics in paramedic and their coworkers is visible when uncertain vast scale damages occur such as a bomb blast, a plane crash, earth quakes, storms and etc. In these conditions high rate of stress occurs in which coordination between the team of is highly important abiding by the rules of ethics .In co-working Tension control is very important because, this way they might forget the right steps to be taken for urgent ethical care of numerous patients. Along with that, it is very crucial that paramedics handle the patients without hurting them during the carrying process and hygiene conditions should also be kept in mind.


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