Sample Essay

The recruitment and selection activities at the Lehman Brothers company pertain to recruiting personnel form credit rating agencies, the competing banks, the analyst companies as wlel as from the human resource of other industry leaders. Specific to the graduate recruitment program however, the company conducts recruitment events at the established and best performing colleges in the Unites States and other countries. From here the interested applicants who suit the prospective graduate profile of the company are selected based on their ambition, what they can bring to the table as well as the motivation that they have for the job and the filed of business. Internship programs are oared at the college level to the best suited applicants to observe their practical performance at the company before hiring them as graduates’ recruits. The selection of the graduate recruits form amongst the applicant candidates is based on their interview performance, their first placement/ place of internship, their client facing skills, their orientation towards a multicultural and diverse work environment, their drive and leadership potential as well as based on the impact and the experience that they are able to depict in their work. 


The strength of the recruitment and selection function at the human resource management at Lehman Brothers is that the recruitment and selection process is very tough and competitive which results in the cream of the candidates being chosen for the job. The weakness of the program however s in the fact that the company tends to favour usually the best ranked colleges and the ivy League graduates for their graduate recruitment programs.

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