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The establishment of the Chinese communities in the Britain is concentrated to London by 39 percent and this cluster based establishment of migrant Chinese people is one of the main reasons for the widespread development of the Chinese food culture in Britain as well as in America. “According to Baker, the chief reason for the migration of the Hong Kong Chinese in the post-war period was economic: the availability of cheap rice from Southeast Asia after the Second World War lead to the declining use of the fields for rice production in Hong Kong declined, thereby leaving the rice farmers unemployed.” (Sinan)

This is the case in Germany was well where the restaurant Chinese food and restaurant culture is also fast developing. A study provided though in depth interviews with about 22 restaurants of Chinese origin in the urban areas of Germany which was supported though the ethnicity based observations of the Chinese communities and demographical analysis, it was determined that the employment and immigration options provided by the government of Germany and other EU based countries has also contributed significantly to the increase of the establishment of the Chinese culture and Chinese cuisine in the west. The specific migration constructs that have increased the migration rate for Chinese pertain to  “ (1) the migration of Chinese migrants, (2) the right of work for asylum seekers, (3) the level of authenticity of specialty restaurants, and (4) migrants’ access of financial support and advice regarding self-employment.” (Leung, 2003) People from Hong Kong and main land China migrated to the developed regions in the western Europe, and America in search of better opportunities of earning a living and rearing their families.

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