Sample Essay

Cultural geography is a part of human geography which studies on how culture related issues transformed in places and spaces. Chinese immigrants have been the major driven force on how Chinese food migrated from East to West. Yet, however, with the Western influences the Chinese food in the States has whole different phrases and faces. This shows that with the movement of the Chinese immigrates from the East into the West, while they adapting western culture transforming into second, third, and more generation of the Chinese American, at the same time, Chinese food has taken the same transforming phrases and built into the mind of average Joe as a daily norm. Such transformation and developments are within the center of the Cultural geography discussion. “Chinese food, having been served to generations of Americans, has a strong hold on our culinary imagination. For many, the delightfully salty, flavorsome dishes served in the spartan restaurants with names like ‘Dragon Garden’ and “Five Happiness” are their first taste of a foreign cuisine. Most American towns have a Chinese restaurant. When we were children and bored with Mom’s cooking, the arrival of the little white cartons of takeout Chinese promised a taste of the exotic and uncommon. Dishes such as chop suey, General Tso’s chicken, and mu shu pork are deeply familiar to most of us. And the inevitable fortune cookie, it might be argued, is something of a cultural icon.” (Timmons)

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