a)      Because it is against the protection clause of the fourteenth amendment.

b)      Section I of the laws states that ‘no state…shall deny any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. This will include all state institutions.

c)       Therefore since public schools are state institutions the actions by the public officials and employees are state actions.

What was Brown’s case?

a)      Brown’s case was the suite against the sanctioning of her racial separate school.

b)      The district court found that the racial segregation had detrimental effects on the black child, but upheld the segregation since the schools for white and black had equal facilities, buildings, teachers, books.

c)       The Supreme Court finally overruled on ‘the separate and equal’ argument and concluded that all public segregated or separated schools are inherently unequal.

How soon must school desegregate?

The Supreme Court found it unwise to give a timetable or formula for desegregation for the country because:

a)      Each community has a unique history of segregation, traffic and residential pattern and education system

b)      They order it be done immediately, by the supervision of local district courts, whose purpose was to make sure the school did so under good faith and that the schools authorities were to solve the local education problems.

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