Over the years school and local authorities have developed programs that were meant to improve the attendance in schools. These programs offered both punitive and motivational aspects that were seen vital in the encouraging the student to attend school. This came after a realization that students who cut school missed a lot compared to their counterparts in school. This is also true for students who naturally gifted, as they too drop in performance from missing out in class. An example of measures that have been laid down to improve attendance is that ofMolokaiHigh school.

This school uses motivation as a means to improve the attendance of the students M.A.N (2007). They have laid this down through gift certificates that are issued at the end of the year during the graduation ceremony. The program was initiated in 2006 by Mrs. Kimberley Svetin, who is the president of Molokai Drugs/Kamoi snack-N-Go. This move saw an improvement on attendance from 92% to 93.4% in the first year of its inception M.A.N (2007).

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