Regular absence from school is detrimental to a student’s life they are more likely to leave with little or no qualifications. In addition they are more vulnerable to anti social behavior. They are often found to engage in gang activities like transporting trading and using substance like drugs and alcohol SSSD (2007). In addition they are more likely to engage in juvenile delinquent activities, heists, and armed robberies. Furthermore the higher the absence rate the more likely the student is to drop out of school.

According to the Education Act, the parent has the responsibility of making sure the child attends compulsory education when they attain the school going age. The department of education, local authorities, and school boards are charged with the responsibility of managing and improving the attendance of schools SSSB (2007). Moreover the government currently has, the No child Left Behind Act that requires students to graduate from school. Therefore with attendance rates increasing, the number of students who successfully graduate will decline.

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