In the elementary level, Maunaloa elementary school is also engaged in activities that are meant to improve attendance. By 2004 the school had an attendance rate of 93.8% which increased to 94% in 2005 which was the highest in ten academic years SSIR (2007). This increment was seen through the establishment of the Elementary School Attendance Program and support from parents. They have been collecting facts and data on the attendance of students ever since and are seeing remarkable improvements. The increased interest in attendance rates in Molokai, is due to the challenges the Department of Education ofHawaiihas received from school drop out SSIR (2007).

Research has shown that there is a close correlation between the attendance and drop out rates in schools. Since 2001 there has been an average rate of 14.7% every year of drop out rates. Is has been found that students who have a habit of missing school tend to drop out. Furthermore absence leads to the decline in the standards of graduates as they are not able to grasp concepts they missed out SSIR (2007).

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