Sample Essay

The publicity technique that can be used easily here is that of supporting Sainsbury’s a retailer which hosts Icy Delights products in its aim to encourage Paralympics sports in children ahead of these games. (Sainsbury’s scheme makes Paralympic sports accessible for children, 2011) The project Get Set is aimed at encouraging children to participate and to learn more about the games. This is a very strategic campaign as it falls in the ambit of public relations as well as serves as a BTL activity that can get the company closer to the hearts and the spirits of the society, within which their customers reside.

Apart from this, Icy Delight can indulge in pre-Olympics events to encourage families to attend the event by having tickets to tournaments as prizes in some of the games and luck draws held at the event. The event could be a children’s online quiz competition about Olympics with the winner getting a ticket to the game of his choice and a hamper from the company. The online quiz competition can be placed on face book and can be used as a social marketing element in the promotional mix. Furthermore, this will generate a positive customer experience and will also involve participants in the Olympics generating their interest, and increasing the exposure of the brand of ice cream.

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