Sample Essay

The internet will be used to spread the message of the olympics and Icy Delight. The official website of the London 2012 Oympic games will be used to place press releases to do with the event coverage of Icy Delights. Further more the site will also contain an ad for Icy delights. As far as the company’s own website is concerned, it will be redesigned so that teh Olympic logo is the crux of the design element and leaves no doubt in consumers mind that Icy Delight , Olympics and the euphoria associated with Olympics is all synonymous. (Chaffey, 2010)

TV will also be used as a channel to air above the line messages and target the masses. Radio will be used as an effective and cheaper medium to supplement the IMC strategy. (Shimp, 2008)The company will try to negotiate deals with program producers to endorse its brand on air.

Proposed Promotion Mix

The elements of the Promotional Mix that are proposed as far as the Olympics in 2012 are concerned include: advertising, personal Selling, sales promotions, and public relations.  (promotion – introduction to the promotional mix, 2011)

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