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A growing, yet still small number of practicing Gestalt psychotherapists and theoreticians started to counteract this state of affair but the published research in support of the Gestalt approach remains far from being competitive.” (Kirchner) & “Recent work by Paivio and Greenberg (1995), Greenberg, Rice and Elliot (1993), and Greenberg, Elliot, and Lietaer (1994) are moderate beginnings of outcome studies that show the effectiveness of Gestalt therapy.

Additional findings reported Gestalt therapy bringing about significant positive changes in body image (Clance, Thompson, Simerly, & Weiss, 1994), the effectiveness of the empty-chair dialogue versus desensitization processes (Johnson & Smith, 1997), favorable Gestalt therapy outcome compared to psycho-education of unfinished business (Paivio & Greenberg, 1995), and the efficacy of Gestalt therapy with ‘hard-core’ criminals (Serok & Levi, 1993).” (Kirchner)

Comprehensively, the research indicates that the Gestalt therapy theory can be used by the therapists to aid the clients by changing and modifying their negative and erroneous behavior through specific target strategy. Moreover the therapy can be used to launch the clients into taking actions which enable them to seek closure for unfinished businesses that have a profound effect on their psychic.

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