Sample Essay

The promotions of the brand include various BTL and ATL activities that are targeted towards increasing the consumer interaction with the brand and are part of the integrated marketing communications programme that the brand is communicated under. (, 2000)

According to the IMC of Icy Delights, the product is being positioned as a treat for families on occasions of celebration. The brand persona is such that it is tried to be linked to the attitudes of being a friendly, buoyant child with a penchant for spreading fun and happiness. In accordance to this the promotions are geared at occasions for celebration such as Christmas, valentines, new years, thanksgiving, Halloween, mother’s day, father’s day etc when there is a reason to celebrate. The promotions are in the form of fun family fiestas in the major parks of the countries that the company is located in. Special gift packaging is introduced as are coupons and gift certificates distributed at schools and malls. (Kotler & Armstrong, 2009)

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