Sample Essay

Over the period of time the Rolex brand and the watch company has been monumental in striving for innovations specific to watch making. The company was one of the first companies to develop the water proof watch case and the one which launched the first date dial watch. The company also holds the position of being the first to get certification for the chronometer for its watches. Additionally the Rolex Company was a main driving force in the development of the modern quartz watch. The company was also the first one to manufacture the airtight and the dust proof watches.

The purchase of a Rolex is an investment for a consumer as the watch has lasting value which is redeemable for high returns. The brand is depicted as a social status symbol of wealth, prosperity and success. The website of the company and its watch and accessory products also depicts the same theme and brand persona. The website and the company offices boast experiences for consumers which promote and highlight the prominence of the Rolex brand in the watch market.  “The Rolex environment oozes with class; several key areas are enhanced by some excellent flash technology and a range of musical audio files. The online tour of the Geneva HQ is particularly strong, as are the sections on “Rolex Quality” and the interesting “Spirit of the Century,” which combines a chronological diary of Rolex’s key dates with major events around the world.” (Cocoran, 2001) The Rolex is a one of the main accessories that is associated with prestige, wealth and materialistic success in today’s worlds.

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