Sample Essay

Project management is basically the organization, management, allocation, monitoring and controlling of the available resources for a project. This all is conducted within a contained time frame with a defined scope, and established quality standards. The management of these resources and activities is usually a complex task and as a result requires specialists in project management to handle the process. The process of project management is usually conducted only once however the nature of the process is such that it is a continuing process.

The different stages of the project management pertain to initializing of the project where the nature, scope and problem for the project are usually defined. Then is the planning and design stage where the system is designed and the small prototype is developed for testing purposes in the real environment. This is followed by the implementation stage where the project is run in real time and the closing and maintenance sage in which the administrative activities for the project are performed and the project is closed. The errors that have been identified are rectified in this stage. The project management tools that are used for the project management activity pertain to financial tools, cause and effect fish bone charts, PERT charts, Gantt charts for scheduling, Event chain diagrams for business process outlining and project cycle optimization flows. Aside from this project management software may also be employed to speed up the process and make it more efficient. This paper however deals with aeronautical project management which is f a specialized form of project management dealing with airplane and aeronautics related projects.

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