Sample Essay

The fact that projects make the goals scalable is a feature that is shared by cloud computing as well, as the web service applications make it more modular and in that the size of the project can be scaled down to more measureable proportions which can then be worked upon by project team members.

The has come about with more force with the advances in technology. Because technology and automation have reduced the workload in terms of tedious, mundane and repetitive tasks, managers and workers can now focus on initiation of new products and services and on strategic thinking rather than merely on doing everyday work.  As mundane work has been minimized people can now focus on creating value, developing new concepts etc and where there is a need to develop new things project management comes into play. (Campbell, 2007)

Project management differs from operations and from assignments in some ways which are as follows:

Foremost comparing operations to project management we know that operations assume the business to be a going concern and hence are to be done day in and day out as part of the business activities. On the other hand projects have start and end dates and serve a particular purpose.

Next, comparing assignments and projects, projects are done so as not to be replicated in their activities and processes at other times, by another team. These deal with tasks such as product development or innovations which are one-off especially in the initiation and development stage.

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