Sample Essay

According to (Egeland, 2009), cloud computing means incredible scalability to project managers as even the task that they are given as a team can be broken into modules and worked upon in different parts of the organization. What is more, a project team can, with the help of cloud computing now have a team comprising of people in different parts of the world and yet work on a project together. Although networked business models also enable the same thing, cloud computing makes it easier on the PCs as it does not require software to be installed and it can make communications faster given the computer speed.

However, even in the presence of cloud computing services project failure can happen and there can be mishaps that are not accounted for by the methodology of computing used. Therefore, it is imperative for any project to be successful that its goals and objectives be clearly stated and that there is a consolidated effort by all team members to complete the project in a timely yet effective manner.

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