Sample Essay

The positioning of a product line or a retail company is done by building a brand or retail brands, assigning specific colours that represent the products and the brands, assigning logos and symbols. Taglines that are unique to the retailer and emphasize the SBU’s of the product are also effective for positioning. Advertisements highlighting one or more of the competitive advantages of the brand also help in positioning. Additionally, endorsements and associations are also often used to leverage the position in the market.

One of the main tools that is used for positioning relevant to marketing strategy is the perceptual map that maps the products and the brand of the company along with the competitor brands on a three dimensional plane according to the perceptions of the consumers about the worth and the characteristics of the different brands. “Branding, combined with positioning usually offers the most sophisticated and powerful application of marketing principles and strategies.” (Mercer, 1996, p125)

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