Sample Essay

The product LPG is a liquefied version of the petroleum gas of propane and butane. It is provided to the customers and consumers of the LPG product by Shell Gas LPG (Pakistan) in cylinders that pertain to specific sizes of 6kg, 11.8kg, and 45.4kg. The product quality of the LPG provided in the region ofPakistanis accordance with the quality established by the Shell Corporation internationally on a global basis. The value proposition that is provided by the Shell Gas LPG (Pakistan) to its customers includes the package of installation of the LPG equipment as well as the provision of LPG itself. The total value proposition consists of insured availability of the product at its outlets, the free maintenance of the equipment, the safety of the cylinders used for storing LPG as well as the assurance that the cylinders are of correct weight. The convenience for shopping for LPG is provided by the Shell Gas LPG (Pakistan) through its retail outlets all around the country.

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