Sample Essay

The stage of the product in the product lifecycle can also have a direct effect on the business strategy for capacity planning. This is because different stages of the product lifecyle require different forms of investment into the product. The Clif bar Inc has the main products of energy bars and gels under the Clif bar, Luna bar and Mojo line of products. These products are all currently in the growth phase. The launch stage for the products has passed, and they have not yet reached maturity as there is still room in the market to expand and grow.

The Growth stage of the product lifecycle indicates that the company should invest heavily in building its capacity plans and strategies for expansion of the manufacturing and, production and distribution facilities. This is because in order to grow exponentially in the future, as the market determines the products to, the level of Clif Bar products that are released into the market on a yearly basis will need to increase in order to satisfy the increasing demand for energy bars and other organic energy products.

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