Sample Essay

As mentioned earlier, the company has been facing problems pertaining to the inflexibility of the organization due to its humongous size and the changing characteristics of the market with the technological advancements and the increased demand for customized products in smaller quantities. Other problems that are being faced by the company pertain to the supply of their raw materials and components and the delivery of their finished products to the customers. The company has one of its component manufacturers as the Sunshine Corporation which has been depicting erratic behavior in terms if their delivery of finished products for the Valkyrie Lighting Corporation.

Simultaneously the company has also been facing problems pertaining to the companies push concept based production system. The production system is devised towards long term production runs with an increased number of products being produced. However this type of production strategy is not effective in the current market targeted by Valkyrie Lighting Corporation as the market dynamics have changed. This changed market requires the company to establish short term based production runs; however this strategy is again not effective due to the role played by Sunshine Corporation in the production process of Valkyrie Lighting Corporation. The company is unable to deliver on time to the customers due to the mis-commitments and delays in deliveries on the part of the Sunshine Corporation.

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