Sample Essay

The main problems that are faced by the Valkyrie Lighting Corporation are highlighted in the previous section, however they need to be ranked and categorized according to priority so that the most important and crucial of all the problems can be tackled on an urgent basis by the supply management team. The main problem which is most important for the company is its inflexibility to produce products for its diverse range of customers in the market. The company needs to be able to develop products for its customers that are customized to their needs and built according to their requirements. Inability to do so is taking significant market share from the company to other smaller and technologically advanced companies that are able to provide their customers with customized products.

The second most important problem that needs to be addressed for the Valkyrie Lighting Corporation is its relationship with Sunshine Corporation and the recent mis-commitments and delays that are being faced by the Valkyrie Lighting Corporation at the hands of the Sunshine Corporation.

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