Sample Essay

Moreover it has also been observed that the Sunshine Corporation is operating close to its maximum capacity. This has become apparent due to the erratic behavior on part of the Sunshine Corporation pertaining to its deliveries to Valkyrie Lighting Corporation. The Sunshine Corporation has not been responding accordingly as per the time schedule for its deliveries, as put forward by the Valkyrie Lighting Corporation for its short term as well as long term orders. This puts the Valkyrie Lighting Corporation at risk of losing its already existing customers as well as the imminent bad reputation for the company in the market for being incompetent and inefficient in terms of delivery of its finished products to contractors sand customers in the technical lighting industry. The Sunshine Corporation is an important part of the Valkyrie Lighting Corporation’s supply chain process as the model for the components designed by the company is the core basis of the designs of the Valkyrie Lighting Corporation for its products. Therefore its important to continue good and productive relationships with the company in order for the Valkyrie Lighting Corporation to operate in the market and not lose the Sunshine corporation to its competitors.

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