Sample Essay

There are two main primary data collection techniques that have been selected for gathering data to analyze the information that can be used to answer the highlighted research questions. The strengths of the primary data collection through the use of interviews is that they are more specific and can target the issue at hand in a more direct manner. The respondent of the interview can be queried in extensively on the topic at and by keeping the interview questions open ended.

A range of questions can be answered and explored while the mannerisms, the facial expressions as well as the attitude of the respondents can also be used to determine the quality of their responses. The strengths of the survey based questionnaire is that they can target a large number of respondents, and both qualitative as well as quantitative respondents can be attained using the survey instrument. Moreover as the responses for the research questions 2 and 3 would require data to be gathered from numerous respondents while the responses can also take the form of qualitative as well quantitative information. As a result the survey based questionnaire using both open and closed ended questions is best suited for gathering data.

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