There are a lot of approaches available for the collection of data. According to Naoum (1998), the preferred approach is pegged on the nature and the information required. Fellows and Liu (1997) postulated that in order to attain the research aim and objectives. It is critical that a comprehensible and clear methodology is applied.

Research methodologies are classified into two, qualitative and quantitative. Nonetheless, a lot of debate has been generated as to which of the two methodologies is superior and suitable for purposes of construction research. The quantitative method is founded on suppositions of the existence of only one reality. Analogously, the qualitative approach opines that there are many realities which are feasible and available (Al-Sultan, 1987).
Quantitative studies are centred on decreasing the difficulty by emphasising some sections of the reality. In addition, it is tasked with overseeing as well as monitoring the phenomenon features. Qualitative research is focused with the investigation of simple realities in order that a full understanding of the problem at hand is obtained (Csete and Albrecht, 1994).

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