The concept of PPPs has its roots in the United Kingdom; it has spread across the world. Governments have employed it to complete schools, roads, hospitals and defence projects (Spackman, 2002). PPPs are all about the coming together of the private and public sectors. The disadvantages of the traditional procurement route have been outlined and discussed in great detail. The same case applies to PPPs. The aspects that inform both procurement processes have been outlined. The need to challenge the government of Saudi Arabia to adopt the PPP as the preferred procurement mode has been defended well and the reasons have been clearly elaborated.

7.2 Recommendations

There is no such thing as a perfect research. PPPs and the traditional procurement processes are very broad topics in their own rights. This research was pegged on discouraging the Saudi Government from continuing to rely on the traditional procurement route. It has focused on replacing it with the PPP procurement process (Spackman, 2002).  It is still a relatively new concept in Saudi Arabia and its application in the Saudi imprint still needs to be discussed in greater detail. However, there have been signs of success as seen with The King Abdul Aziz Endowment of the Two Holy Mosques Project.

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