Moreover, the issue of offering one project to different players who have never worked together before is also a cause of the delay. There are numerous cases of friction between contractors and supervisors. We have two problems which lead to dispute between contractors and supervisors in the traditional procurement route. First, at times the contractor provides low quality material to the project, based on their contract sum.

Upon discovery of such action, the supervisor refuses to carry on with the work, and a dispute arises. Second, since the contractor was not involved in the designing process, a need to alter or change the plans arises, this calls for more money. Resultantly, the contractor will refuse to complete the work with the current price (O’Brien, 1998).On the other hand, the supervisors will ask the client to increase the budget for the project to correct the problem. This usually takes at least three months depending on the cost to remedy the mistake. In the end, the conflict is extended to the government, which comes in owing to the failed deadlines. The conflicts continue and as a result, many national projects that have stalled. This has occasioned losses in the billions of dollars (Faridi and Al-Sayegh, 2006).

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