The major potential sources of funding as they present themselves include government’s funding and students’ funding. As it is viewed from the debate of increased fee in Otago University, it is understood that students are the source of this fee. Government has however set a ceiling on the maximum amount of fee that a student can part with. Nevertheless, the staff council is not short of ways and means of extracting more funds from students using other avenues, which they term as capital development levy (Rudd, 2009).

Government as a potential source funds is evident through sentiments from the University chief operating officer John Patrick when he talks about the Tertiary Education Commission funding. Further evidence is from the comments of Prof Skegg who wishes if the government could consider and increase university funding to relieve the students off the burden of paying large amount of fee (Rudd, 2009). Nevertheless, the government is incurring a huge burden of serving students’ loans, which does not attract any form of interest (Rudd, 2009)

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