Sample Essay

The Argument that is presented by the Penrod in his paper focusing on anti-intellectualism is highly persuasive. In order to make the argument persuasive, the author cites from various literatures, uses quoted excerpts of comments from the sample market while also links the different incidents of an-intellectualism in the real life with his paper in order to create a believable reference for the reader.

The stance of the author is against the concept of anti-intellectualism in the society and he openly depicts it by asking the readers to be more open towards the intellectuals and “lay of them a little” (Penrod, 2003) in order to promote a healthy level of intellectual literacy in the society. The author uses the references to other works and sources that support his thesis statement and argument.

The paper by Penrod was distributed by the Arizona State University, which provides the objective nature of the article and how it is considered by the University as a possible argument against the concept of anti-intellectualism.

The article by Penrod provides a verify string argument in favour of the thesis and presents a position that can be acknowledge in personal work. The source is an important one as it presents how anti-intellectualism exists in the society (Penrod, 2003) while providing relevant proof of its existence as well.

The purpose of the paper is to explore the concept of anti-intellectualism and identify whether it does actually exist in the real world or not (Penrod, 2003). As a member of the audience, I interpreted the paper objectively, however the argument by Penrod was presented in a very string manner which convinced me to admit the existence of anti-intellectualism, especially in the face of the evident references provided.

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