Sample Essay

While media might not have played as effective a role in societal progress and development, there is the fact that it has not been the sole cause of the spread of evil in society. Media has played a pivotal role in the liberation of women and has been the root cause of increased awareness of women’s rights as well. Another important positive aspect of the media includes the fact that it has been the cause of increased economic activity and at the same time has helped break many stereotypes against women which includes portraying women as leaders and bread-earners as well as being inspirational role models. (Ward, Day, & Epstein, 2006)

After conducting this reasearch and analysing the topic, I have come to several conclusions. Foremost is the fact that media might not be the evil that is being portrayed in many researches and by many experts simply because it is a messenger and not the sender of the message. Secondly women and gender specific research publications tend to have an inherent bias that considers women as victims and they in themselves feel that women are being undermined. This might be the case in some instances but it could also be a self-fulfilling prophecy where women, in perceiving themselves as weaker appear to be weaker, and project a vulnerable image. Therefore one has to be mindful of this partiality when perusing the papers in gender-specigic pubications. Another point to be noted here is that these papers generally hold the view of women and might not be wholly representative of the population. (Vandereycken, 2006)

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