Sample Essay

Personally however I am against the concept of torture. I do not support the use of torture in any circumstances as the moral and ethical technicalities associated with it are too blurred and the justification of the cat leads to unanswerable questions and repercussions n the future. Moreover torture does violate the principles of theUnited States, as a result countering whatUnited Stateshas long been standing for .i.e., freedom, justice, equality and human rights. As a result use of torture event by theUnited Stateswould be seen as hypocritical as well as an issue of double standards.


Aside from this, the results of torture can be devastating as well as the people on which it is inflicted can harbor extreme resentment against the torturers which can only lead to more terrorism in the future. Many critics of torture have established specific guidelines and principles according to which the torturers should be punished for their acts. These principles are mainly based on the fact that using torture usually degrades the moral fiber in the society and does not provide any worthwhile information with integrity.

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