Sample Essay

Specifically in the IT sector, the roles and the position of a women are considered to be inferior to a mans, as it is perceived that women are incapable of pulling the hours, the stress as well as the kind of work required in the IT sector. While this is true that woman have an established family and children to return home to and as a result have to strike a balance between work and family, this is not justification for discrimination against women in the workplace, specifically in the IT sector.

“Catalyst, a research and advisory organization in the United Statesworking to advance women in business, casts doubt on the idea of women managers thriving in the technology sector. In a recent regional survey of 75 senior executives, it found that companies were not promoting women to management positions. Respondents cited corporate culture, the lack of career development opportunities, women’s isolation and lack of role models or networks and mentors, and the all too familiar argument that work and family responsibilities are mutually exclusive” (‘Breaking Through The Glass Ceiling: Women In Management’, 2004)

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