Sample Essay

Hawkins, Myers, and Stone mention in their book titled ‘Crime Control and Social Justice’ that deprivation from the society can urge humans to indulge in behavior and actions that can lead to crime. They depict this through the analysis of how young children are influenced to join gangs in the Unites States. Their research provides that as the parents of such children are unable to provide them access to proper social intuitions and a healthy environment, they turn to join gangs to garner respect and social ties for themselves.

Parents of gang members lose their moral sway over their teenagers because of their own deficit of human and social capital. Because these parents are unable to provide the monetary, social and intellectual resources necessary for their children to manage the threat that exists in their lives or to become successful in mainstream society, children’s strategic bonds to peers strengthen and parental attempts at discipline and control eventually go unheeded. Thus children whose parents cannot help them successfully navigate school and other social institutions (increasingly the criminal justice systems) eventually drop out of the pretense of conventional lifestyles.” (Hawkins, Myers, and Stone, 2003) This depicts that removal from social norms and routine interactions with a normal/ conventional society can affect the cognitive thinking process in humans making them act in unconventional manner. In the scenario of a prison the removal of the prisoners and the guards from the society in isolation can prompt them to make decisions and act in ways which can be considered immoral in nature.

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