Sample Essay

Based on the cultural profile and the statistics of the region, the workers that are going to be available for recruitment in the company would pertain to young college graduates as well as already established professionals in the field of advertising and marketing. The people who are going to be hired by the company however would be young, dynamic, energetic, career oriented as well as creative in terms of their ideas and development of the marketing and advertising strategies. Additionally they would also need to be focused and able to communicate effectively to the clients.

Due to the nature of the people and the culture predominant in Germany the local government would not be much of a hurdle or obstacle in terms of accepting the company in the market. However the competitors as well as the suppliers, distributors and the customers would require some time and decision on part of the company to fully accept it as an established company operating in the industry of marketing and advertising. This is why it is extremely important for the company to form alliances and relationships with the supplies, distributors, research agencies as well as the prospective clients in the target market.

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