Sample Essay

The country that has been chosen to expand the operations to, form Dubai is in the European region, specifically the country of Germany. The decision of expanding the operations of the business to Germany was based on the fact that Germany has a very organized advertising and marketing industry which has depicted significant growth in the past years from 2002 to 2007. the market is currently dominated by three key marketing and advertising agencies by the name of Grey Group Global, Aegis Group Plc and Omnicom Group Inc The presence of the company in the region would enable it to be competitive as well as establish itself in the limelight as a global brand for in the marketing and advertising industry.

The advertising industry in the region of Germany is divided into outdoor advertising, television based advertising, internet advertising as well as print advertising and surprisingly the majority of the print advertising in the region is the major contributor towards the advertising industry. In the print advertising category the most dominant segment is that of magazines and newspaper ads. Aside from this by setting up operation in the region of Germany will also provide the company with access to the European Union. This would further help the company in the long terms to expand to the different countries of France, Italy, Spain, UK, Turkey etc for its operations, while also opening up the whole market for the EU as prospective clients for the company.

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