Sample Essay

The opportunities available to Citibank are:

Positive Outlook for Global Banking

Around the world the banking industries are flourishing with increased investments, as well as in deposit accounts as well as the increase in the leasing and small venture capital loans.

Internal Restructuring

The numbers of subsidiaries have been reduced by Citigroup as a result the operation of the group are being consolidated with the bank providing it with a larger scope for operations. Aside from this optimized efficiency as well as enhanced flexibility are some of the benefits that are going to be achieved by the group through restructuring.

The Growing Industry for Investment Banking

The increases in mergers, consolidations as well as realization of cost synergies have enabled the investment into the industries. This has called for increased activity in the investment banking sector which is a new product and market available to the company.

The threats that are present to the Citibank take the form of:

Consolidation in Banking Sector for US

There are merger and consolidations taking place in the banking sector in theUSwhich greatly reduces the comparative advantage of Citibank over its competitors. Continuing consolidations threaten the position of the Citibank as one of the largest financial institutions in the World.

Interest Rates in Europe

The interest rates in European countries have been increasing while theUnited Stateshas been striving to keep the interest rates stabilized. This trend can affect the demand for corporate as well as retail credit.

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