Sample Essay

The strengths for the Citibank include the following:

Affiliation to Citigroup

Citigroup is one of the world’s largest financial institutions and the Citibank benefits form its association with Citibank in term of leverage when establishing a brand name as well as in the form of the global network of operation provided by the Citigroup. Due to Citigroup is has also become easier for Citibank to penetrate into existing markets while developing new markets as well.

Competitive Capital Ratio

The capital ratio reported for Citibank is very high, coming in the top tier in 2006 at 8 percent. This depicts that the company has the ability to absorb losses without having to halt its operations.

Strong profitability

The company also has been showing string profitability in its balance sheets by reporting a 5.8 percent increase in its net income for its operation in 2006. Aside form this there is also increase in its profit margins which is leading to an efficient and cost effective structure for the company.

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