Sample Essay

The area of operation for the Synergy Marketing International Company through the internationalization of the operations of the business is Germany. The region of Germany is part of the established economies and countries in the European region which has a very historic presence in the region. The cultural profile of the company is very traditional and historic in terms of its context. The region is exposed to and has connections with the established economies in the European Union like those of UK, France, Spain, Holland, Denmark and Italy etc. Therefore the expansion of the company’s operations to the region of Germany will give the company access to other economies in the European region as well this increasing its scope and market.

The culture of Germany is very advanced, historic as well as modern and sophisticated. The metropolitan cities of the country are very modern and technology oriented while the rural regions of the country are historic and well grounded in traditions. The sophisticated and conservative nature of the population in the region directly effects the operations of the company and its resultant organizational culture for its operations in Germany. Aside from this the population of the region is aging and tends to conform to their traditional bureaucratic method of business management when it comes to conducting business operations in the regions. The international multinational corporations in the region however are diverse in terms of their culture, approach to business. Therefore compared with Dubai, Germany is an established economy which is traditional and bureaucratic in its culture while Dubai is a new economy which is very modern, divers and technology oriented.

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