In conclusion, a number of lessons could be drawn from this story concerning the American dream. The writer is trying to ensure that his readers understand the elusiveness of wealth and power and how its role in achieving success in life is almost negligible. If anything, he implies that money, power and their pursuit could easily be the reason behind the failure of the realization of the American dream.

In essence, the writer is trying to remind us that the American dream has got very little to do with wealth, fame, power and other materialistic things. As a matter of fact, material things were not really part of the American dream. On the other hand, the pursuit of greatness through the discovery, development and nurturing of one’s unique purpose is really what should constitute the American dream. In other words, every individual should be given the freedom and chance of pursuing what their heart’s desire is in order for them to be truly happy. This is greatly connected to their talents and abilities. It is therefore sad to see that the American dream has been reduced to the greed for money, power and fame. Fitzgerald, through his work, has shown us that the pursuit for wealth, power and fame as the means to realize the American dream is really not worth it

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